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Hinata x Sasuke x Naruto – NC17

“What gives, Hinata?” Naruto huffed as Hinata turned to close the bedroom door, face lowered so that the boys wouldn’t see her blush.  This was probably crossing the line, but she’d made up her mind.  There was no backing down now.  Sasuke leaned against the night stand, silent as per usual, though his eyes said he was curious too.  Interested maybe, though she wouldn’t allow herself to be hopeful.  Not yet.  She still needed to ask.  She still needed to offer up the ridiculous idea in the first place.  Then… maybe…

“I want to… try something.” Hinata started, trying her best to seem coy but seductive.  Maybe if they were aroused first, maybe if they were already wanting it, they’d be more susceptible.  It was worth a shot.  “Something new.”  She looked at both boys in turn, licking her lips involuntarily.  “Something… different.”  Her voice cracked some on the last word, her chest tightening at the idea, the fantasy that had been running through her mind the last couple of nights, begging her to try.  It was hardly a stone’s throw from what they’d done last time.  Just… well, without her.  Hinata swallowed.  “Actually, I want you guys to try something… for me.”

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, confused, while Sasuke got to his feet and started heading towards the door.  “No.” he said simply, Hinata’s heart sputtering in dismay.  Maybe she’d taken the wrong approach.

“Wait, Sasuke.  Please.” Hinata tried, grabbing a hold of his wrist.

“No way,” Sasuke shook his head, resilient.  “Not with him.”

Naruto watched, still a step behind, but offended nonetheless.  “What’s that supposed to mean?” He glared, Sasuke rolling his eyes.

“It means I don’t feel like making out with you, baka.”

Naruto blinked, blushing as he looked away from the raven haired boy with frown.  “Well, I-I don’t want to make out with you either.”

Hinata looked from one boy to the other, feeling her fantasy crumbling between her fingers.  “Come on, guys…” She pouted, snagging Sasuke by the sleeve and dragging him over towards Naruto where she grabbed the blonde’s hand.  “It could be fun.”

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at them both, not saying a word as Naruto looked at Hinata’s pleading face, his resolve falling away easily.  Eventually, and of no surprise to Sasuke, Naruto looked right at him, defeated.  “Maybe just a little…?”

Sasuke groaned, knowing he was outnumbered and hating it.  Almost as much as he hated the way his dick twitched at the thought.  It plagued him to think of how many nights he’d tried to force away the thoughts of what he might do to Naruto in a fit of sexual frustration and angst, all of which starting with something like this.  Something simple.  Like a kiss.

“Fine.” Sasuke crossed his arms.  Hinata beamed, taking a step back and allowing Naruto to get to his feet, walking up to the Uchiha and reaching forward to place a hand on the back of his neck, a motion which Sasuke quickly intercepted.  “If I’m gonna do this, you sure as fuck aren’t going to lead.”

Naruto tried to argue, but the words lodged in his throat unspoken the moment Sasuke covered what little distance remained between them, placing one hand on the small of the boy’s back and the other on the side of his face, thumb tracing those whisker-like lines on his cheek and lower, brushing against his bottom lip.  But he didn’t kiss him, not yet, drawing it out like he knew he shouldn’t, common sense screaming for him to kiss him and be done with it, while a voice in the back of his head said to take his time, savor the sounds the idiot was making, the little whispers of shock as he brushed his lips along Naruto’s jaw, nipping at his ear, sucking at his neck, before finally, finally, bringing his lips to the boy’s.  Naruto reacted at once, moaning into that kiss, melting into Sasuke’s touch as if on instinct.  And Sasuke loved it, craved it, wanted more.  So, ignoring common sense for a moment, he kissed him harder, tongue delving uninvited into that moist heat, tickling the roof of Naruto’s mouth, exploring teeth and tongue and lips against lips and neck and licking a line across his jaw in a way that had Naruto shivering, placing a hand against Sasuke’s chest, fingers tightening in the fabric of his shirt.

Hinata watched, breathless, her fantasy unfolding before her, so much sexier in person, in real life, these gorgeous boys before her attacking lips and tongues and now Sasuke was biting at the juncture where shoulder met neck and Naruto moaned, the sound rushing like pure energy and heat straight to her core.  She let her hand trail over her pert breasts, nipples hardening, straining against her clothes, sensitive and eager.  She licked her lips again, swallowing as her other hand made its way down to her arousal, rubbing once, twice, through her pants before slipping between fabric and skin, the heat there making her fingers seem cold.  She moaned, running a finger along her slit as she watched, flicking her clit, teasing only, toying with herself in time to their motions, Sasuke’s hand snaking around Naruto’s waist to the front, almost as if following her lead.

“Sa-hnnn…” Naruto bit his lip as he felt Sasuke’s hand wrap around his cock, fisting out a slow, sensual rhythm that had him bucking against that grip, desperate for more.

“Impatient,” Sasuke grinned, speeding up his hand for a few strokes before slowing down again, Naruto gasping at the shifts in sensitivity.  Sasuke hated how hard he was right now, how much dominating Naruto turned him on.  But it couldn’t be helped, not when he was right here, jerking the boy off and loving it, despite his mind’s attempts to pry him away.  On a whim, he glanced at Hinata, hoping that whatever she was doing would turn him on just as much, allow himself to feel less pathetic for being so attracted to the writhing, panting blonde against him at that moment.  Thankfully, Sasuke’s dick almost bouncing in his pants, Hinata looked even sexier, a hand down the front of her pants, eyelids heavy with desire.

Sasuke groaned, undoing his pants and letting his dick bounce free, pushing Naruto to his knees.  Naruto looked up at him with an incredulous look, but Sasuke only stared back, waiting.  Naruto swallowed, sparing a glance at Hinata who stood waiting, watching, hoping.  So Naruto took a breath, hardly able to believe himself as he leaned forward and took the black haired boy’s length into his mouth, sucking almost greedily once the taste settled on his tongue.  It was musky, salty, simple but powerful and intoxicating, the hardness pressing against his tongue, making his want to suck harder.  And he did, wrapping a hand around the base and sucking upward, teeth grazing lightly against the bottom of his shaft.  Sasuke hissed, clutching Naruto’s hair, the blonde moaning around him and making him shiver.

Watching suddenly wasn’t enough, the scene before her almost too much, her body screaming to be touched, to be fucked.  So, trying not to interrupt Naruto, Hinata walked up to Sasuke and kissed him, deep and long and hungrily, Sasuke dipping her head back and running his fingers through her hair before undoing her shirt and bra, dropping both to the floor, forgotten.  Naruto licked a pattern along Sasuke’s cock up to the head, nipping lightly at the tip before getting to his feet, hid dick impossibly hard, eager to be burying in Hinata, him and Sasuke sharing an unspoken word of agreement as the removed the rest of her clothes and theirs, all of them standing before each other naked and horny and willing, Sasuke grabbing Hinata by the shoulder and kissing her once, moaning into her mouth.

“Naruto,” He said at last, voice husky and low.  Naruto looked at him as though in a daze, eyes heavy and clouded.  “Lay down on the bed.”  Naruto did as told, legs dangling over the side, head up just enough to watch as Sasuke led Hinata towards him, the girl running her hand over his erection gently, teasingly.  “I want you to ride him, Hinata.” He growled into her ear.  She moaned, nodding shortly as she climbing onto the bed, straddling Naruto as she aligned his dick with her entrance.  Carefully, eyes rolling back into her head with the feeling of it, she lowered herself around him, Naruto’s fingers gripping tightly at her waist.  Sasuke watched as she began to raise and lower herself around him, moaning almost constantly, Naruto assisting by bucking his hips into ever drop, thrusting farther, harder, faster.  Taking a moment to run a hand along his own length, Sasuke grabbed a bottle of lube out of his night stand drawer, pouring some into his hands and running it up and down his cock before approaching the two fucking before him.  Gently, he placed a hand against the cheek of her ass, tip brushing against the puckered hole of her entrance.

Hinata stopped moving.  “What are you doing?” she asked, the worry in her voice dulled greatly by the promise of climax still close within her reach.

“Just trust me,” Sasuke smirked, pushing in some.  Hinata gasped, this new sensation completely drowning out the feel of being filled by Naruto.

“W-Wait,” Hinata hissed, but Sasuke only rubbed his hand along her arm, kissing up her spine to her neck.

“It’ll feel good, I promise.”  He offered.  “Just rock a little against Naruto and relax.”  Hinata stared at him for a moment before nodding, taking a deep breath and bucking slightly against Naruto’s cock, the feeling of desperation returning even as Sasuke began to slowly, carefully bury himself to the hilt in her virgin ass.  To be this full, to have this much sensation at once, it was overwhelming and mind numbing, and it nearly dragged her over the edge in and of itself, Hinata waiting a second longer to make sure she was ready before arching her back towards Sasuke, grabbing onto his neck and rocking her hips into them both, skewered on cock.

Eventually, they found a rhythm, Naruto arching up into each thrust as Sasuke began pounding in Hinata from behind, all of it like a rush of heat and promise of ecstasy, each movement sending a flash of white behind her eyes.  Mere moments later, Hinata found herself screaming an awkward combination of both of their names as she came harder than she ever had, every muscle in her body tensing, wrenching the boys over the edge with her, Naruto groaning as she milked him dry, while Sasuke muffled his own cry into Hinata’s neck, biting down hard enough to leave marks as he shot his seed deep into her core.  Giving their individual highs a second or two to settle, Sasuke pulled out gently, laying down on the bed next to Naruto.  Hinata followed suit, crawling off of Naruto and laying down on his other side, panting in the aftermath of the incredibly well sexed.

“Awesome…” Hinata smirked, running a hand over the angry red marks on her neck.  Sasuke looked at her, reaching a hand towards her.

“Did I hurt you?” He asked, an uncharacteristic concern in his eyes that made Hinata’s heart jump.  She shook her head, intertwining her fingers with his.  Naruto chuckled, running his fingers lazily over both of their arms.

“Am I the only one who would have no problem doing that again?” He asked, grinning at both of them at once out of the corner of his eyes.  Hinata chuckled, nodding.  Sasuke just rolled his eyes.  But he didn’t refuse.  And that was enough.  More than enough.


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